Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Culture of Denial

Just because all of the reputable scientists warn against an almost inevitable culling of the human race by natural resources through climate change doesn't mean that spin artists won't deny it for their own selfish political or industrial adgenda.

Just because the NFL officials miss well over half of the head-to-head collisions that should be penalized, doesn't mean that 'good job' head-butts are a good thing.  Being that those celebratory head butts are repetitive and ever so much more often by multiple team members, they are probably responsible for as much brain scrambling as anything.  The one thing a soldier fears most is friendly fire, yet the NFL culture of bravado seems to encourage it. 

I remember when I caught a pass and came back to the huddle when I was playing with my friends, I had to contend with getting beat-up by them worse than being tackled.  I am even convinced that I would've done much better at football if they just smacked my ass, but instead they would smack me on the head or create a stinger in my hand/arm with a very enthusiastically brutal high-five.

Now, this being a Sioux Falls Storm fan blog, I should probably be critical of the IFL.  The thing is, I go to every home game and I often photograph it in burst mode, but I don't really see the Storm or the IFL playing with that same kind of abandon for their own health that is so prevalent in the NFL.  Sure, I see stiff arms, but I see a whole lot fewer face masks.

Unfortunately, the culture of denial may have trickled down to me, as well.  I cannot video record the games (due to team video recording rules) to check myself out and the video isn't readily available.  I have still always loved football, though I do know that it was the overabundant misdirected violent celebration of my peers that kept me from leaving the lake a week or two early to try-out for the team. 

It's this same culture of denial that has infected the world.  Everyone is a spin-doctor in order to deny and avoid facing the obvious truths.  But, that doesn't actually work.  Nor has it ever worked.  Nor will it, ever.

What does work is the culture of respect I see through-out the IFL, sometimes in spite of a team's fans.  It shows itself in good sportsmanship, making for great competition and brotherhood.  And above all, it shows a respect not just for your opponents and your teammates, but it displays tremendous respect for yourself.

Either that, or I am in denial as a fan of the Sioux Falls Storm and the IFL as a whole.  But if you see that, call me out on it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let's Celebrate Our 2015 United Bowl Victory!

Celebrate the 5th consecutive IFL champions title, the 9th national championship title and the 11th conference championship with the Sioux Falls Storm team coaches and players on Sunday, July 12th, 2015, at the football field these guys inaugurated with an undefeated season, in the Denny Sanford Premier Center arena.

After a 62 to 27 victory over the very tough Nebraska Danger in the 2015 United Bowl, I think we can safely make it a VICTORY PARTY for the team and all their fans!

Way To Go, Storm!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 United Bowl Press Conference (1 0f 3)

2015 United Bowl Press Conference (2 0f 3)

2015 United Bowl Press Conference (3 0f 3)

The 2015 United Bowl is this Saturday Evening at 5:00 pm Central Time

This is what our boys are fighting to protect, keep and treasure.
The Sioux Falls Storm will host the Nebraska Danger and the 2015 United Bowl in the new Storm Shelter at the Denny Sanford Premier Center on Saturday, July 11th, 2015, at 5:00 pm central time.

The Storm are undefeated this season and looking for their 5th straight IFL title, and their 9th national title since becoming a pro indoor football club with the UIF as the Cobras in 2000.

The Sioux Falls Cobras became the Storm and the United Indoor Football league merged with the  Intense Football League to become the Indoor Football League.

The Sioux Falls Storm currently hold the record for the longest winning streak in pro sports with a streak of 40 consecutive game victories under the leadership of head coach Kurtiss Riggs.

The Nebraska Danger are making another showing at the United Bowl as the Intense Conference Champions.  This will be Nebraska's third visit to the IFL championship contest.

These two teams sport the best offenses in the league,

Since the Storm lost RB Tory Harrison when he was brought up to the CFL's Calgary Stampede, the Storm have relied on the diversity of their running backs to accomplish goals and have become a run-first team as opposed to previous year championships under the guidance of QBs Chris Dixon (Hall of Fame Inductee for 2015) and Terrance Bryant.

The Danger are no slouch themselves, with QB James Sewell announced as the IFL's 2015 season MVP, and fellow teammate  IFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Waymon James on the ball.

But the Storm have more All-IFL teammates and Kurtiss Riggs is known for his ability to adapt and exploit his opponent's weaknesses.

It will be a great contest, as the Danger have visited the Storm Shelter only 3 weeks back and say they are ready to feed off the electricity.

Tickets are still available, or you can watch it on IFL Live TV.